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Arthur’s Story

After 4 long years of tedious research, writing, rewriting, editing, etc., I am thrilled to announce that the book about this whole story, The Lost Airman, is available for pre-order on Amazon (  ) and will be published January 19, 2016 by Berkly/Penguin/Random House. Put your order in now!

Arthur Meyerowitz is my paternal Grandfather. He was born in the Bronx to his father David and mother Rose and had a younger brother Seymour. He joined the army in 1940 and was sent to England with the 715 Bomb Squad of the 448 Bomber Group. He was shot down over the south of France (just north of Lesparre) around Queyrac.

It was December 31st (morning) 1943. He was on his second mission flying a bombing mission over the Cognac region near the Brest Peninsula. He was seperated from the rest of the crew when he parachuted out of the plane and since I started researching this story (mid december 2011) this is the information that I have found.

I just returned (mid January 2012) from a trip to the south of France with my father, Mark Meyerowitz, where we had the amazing opportunity to piece together much more of the story and meet some of the most amazing people we could have imagined.

If you find any information on this site that relates to you, your family, people you know, etc, we would LOVE to hear from you. If you have any questions about the information we have or would like to contribute anything, we would LOVE to hear from you. Please do not be shy.

Thank you

Seth Meyerowitz, grandson
January 24, 2012

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