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Fake Identification Card

Arthur was provided a fake Identification Card just a few days into his journey. We believe it was provided by the Chauvin Family (of Lesparre). He was provided with a fake name, Georges Lambert, and even a ‘persona’. He was a Deaf/Mute born in Algiers. The I.C. (id card) stated that he lived in Soulac Sur Mer and he even had a special document that was supposed to be from the Mayor of Sulac Sur Mer which basically said “I confirm that I know this man and he is who he says he is, give him safe passage”.

The attention to detail that these resistance groups practiced is very impressive. According to Guillame Agullo, Director of the Toulouse Resistance Museum, the fact that Arthur’s I.C. said he was from Algiers was very important. Being that Algiers was, at that time, liberated, it would be extremely difficult for any one from France to contact Algiers to check whether “Georges Lambert” was, or was not, who he said he was.