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Letter: Charlotte, Aug 27 1945

My dear Arthur,

I am at Lesparre now and I have received your two letters: July 19 and august 8th. In the first letter there were the two photos. We are very happy to have them. We have not receive the package.

First of all I answer to your letter of August 8th: It is a great pleasure for us to help you once more. And we have seen … good friends who are in Bordeaux business .. wines and cognac. They leave at Bordeaux and Marquax – But it is not easy to find send wines to US because the French minister of revictualling has suspended all the permissions to send wines to the U.s. But the sevo wine’s merchants are asking again a new permission to export and they will have it I will write to you immediately.  And if it is useful for you to go to France I shall say in the sauce letter

Please say me soon what price you can pay the bottle of wine and cognac and what quality you desire.

Christiane is always at Bayonne. She has good holidays this summer!

I will send you one photo of myself in the next letter.

Today I have labor because I go to Paris to .. with my husband. Since the liberation we travel very much!

My kind regards to your parents and for you, my dear young friend, our best remembrance. So Long

Charlotte Michel – August 27th 1945