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Letter: Charlotte, June 3 1945

I hope you are not going to be sick any longer when my letter arrives to new York and even that your health will be quite good. More over, boys of your age cannot be sick all the time, specially when they get married.

We have heard of your marriage with a real pleasure. We wish you to be very happy and all your friends from France are sending you their best wishes. With our wishes I am sending too a little gift for your wife and yourself. I should have liked to send you a case of old wines, but we are not allowed to do it now. I wonder when all those things are going to go normally again?

Why did you think your marriage would be a surprise for me? No I have not been surprised. I should have been more surprised if you had not got married, because I were … of you remaining a bachelor. I am waiting for your wife’s picture and yours and I expect you will just wait a long time to send them to me.

So you remember Mademoiselle Rigal, de Beaumont? She wrote to me a few months ago to inquire about you. When you have telephoned to us? I have sent her some news about you. She has been very pleased.

Can you send a few kind words to Mademoiselle Baske (not sure of name here) of Bourgueyraud, Gaillan-en-Médoc.

She is the good woman who has got many children you know, and at whose house I wait take you along with me? She as well as her husband) has been very good to you and other American boys, and I am sure that to have news directly from you would make her and her husband tremendously happy. I hope it is not asking too much from you.

One day, perhaps we shall go to U.S. but I shall not inform you before our arriving! We shall not fall down from the sky by parachutes, as you did, we are not very found of that sort of game! But I am sure you will be never the less guide us.

If I receive a parcel I shall write you. But nothing has come till now.

Good bye dear Arthur, give to your wife and family the kindest regards, and do believe me are always your faithful friends.

Charlotte Michel – 16 rue du palais de justice – lesparre – June 3rd 1945