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Letter: Charlotte, May 8 1947

Dear Arthur,

We have been without hearing from you for a very long time: one year ago and we would be pleased to know you and your family are in good health.

I am writing to you today for two reasons: first I must tell you that we have left lesparre and that we are now living in Bordeaux, a place much more attractive for all of us.

Second. we have heard of 75,000 Americans coming over to Bordeaux next summer. Could you manage to be included among them? If this is not possible, would not your young brother be pleased to come over to France. I am sure it must be very easy for you and you know that in Bordeaux you will find a family ready to welcome you heavily.

Think it over, inquire about tit and let us know the results of your inquiries.

I hope I shall hear from you very soon. Kind regards to all your family.

Sincerely yours,

Charlotte Michel – 16 rue du Palais de justice – lesparre – May 8th, 1947

14 avenue du commandant d’aussy – le Bouscat – Bordeaux France