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Letter: Christiane, July 17 1945

Dear Arthur,

I am at Bayonne with the best friend of mother you have seen at Bordeaux were she came to see you (do you remember?)

Bayonne is at five hours, from Biarritz the well known sea side resort.

American army is preparing a big school center for officers, they will be about 10,000 and they being to arrive tomorrow.

Biarritz has a beautiful beach and bathing is delicious. Ill send you a photo later on.

What are you doing now? We shall be happy to know all about you, your life now. You write you are in hospital? Are you wounded? Do you think to come back in Europe? All your French friends would be so happy to see you again, and give you the best time. Now: no more “Gestapo”! We are free at last…

Can you send us news of your friend the Lieutenant William Thomas; did he return to America? I can tell you that the filthy man who denounced him is now in prison; I hope he will remain in it for a long time.

Some days ago, we celebrated the 14th of July our “fete nationale”. It was a beautiful day for us, because it was the first free 14th of July we had many “defiles” of French and American troops with music playing allied national hymmes. Then during all the afternoon and the greater part of the night , we have danced… and it was lovely for, you know I am mad about dancing… My friends and I were so “forivees” of dancing all the war that when we begin we can not stop for hours and hours. Do you like to dance too? I hope so we had also “fireworks?” in blue, white red, our national colors, it was very ….

We regret that you could not be here with us to enjoy that day.

Now I must tell you that from all the parachutors we had at lesparre you are the only one to send us news. So, please go on in being charming and do write to us, we are waiting for a long letter, soon followed by your arrival in France.

So Long Arthur,

Christiane Michel – Postcards (set of 4) – July 17th 1945