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Rigal to Arthur 12-14-1945

My dear Arthur,

At last I can write to you. I have been very ill, but am better. Please dear, write to me soon, tell me you are now quite well. I so often think of my poor American boy, who was so sad. what time you have passed!! Before I tell you about myself, I ask you to write me often and to send me your photo and those of your father, mother and brother. Have you given the little remembrance to your mother?

Well darling, the man who has done so much for you, who was called Marcel Taillandier and was really the commandant Morhange has been killed by the German Gestapo. It has been a terrible loss for us. He was killed near Toulouse. You know that he had always with him several men he had been obliged to take from… because he wanted men able to kill.  Well, they were gangsters. Well, those very men went one morning at my home and stole ALL I had, it was on October 1944. I could not do anything. But the worst of it, it is Mimi (Dumas) who arranged it. Since I never would see her. I believe she had known you had been at my house she advanced herself in taking those men. Since I have been threaten if I went to justice. But I did, one man only has been taken, the others went to Spain. He has been judged a fortnight ago and the sentence must be given next week. A little before that, the Gestapo has ruined my husband and he escaped to be killed. So dear, we are both ruined but we have courage and don’t complain. For so many have suffered more than we had.

The young girl who used to come and see you in your room, is married with the one she was betrothed (?) before the war. He had left to follow De Gaulle and had never given news of him that is why she did not believe in life. She is waiting a baby and they both have gone to Bratislava where he is a professor.

She often spoke of you and told me to send you her best wishes.

I send you mine for a happy Christmas and a good new year.

The Dr. comes sometimes with his beautiful wife. We play bridge, we speak very often of you.

Good bye, my darling boy, quickly write to your old friend and believe me ever yours sincerely.

Rigal – Beaumont de lomagne – December 14th 1945