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The Full Debrief

I landed in tree dump near lesparre, but south [we have confirmed now that it was actually NORTH, in Queyrac, France] . Stopped chute, hung up in tree. Had to cut off harness, climbed down, got chute out of tree and then I buried the chute. Started running, I could hear bicycle patrols. I started toward a town and then decided it was best to keep away. In the woods I heard woodcutters so I hid for the rest of the day. I came to a road and saw a truckload of prison workers guarded by gustapo. Climbed a tree to look for houses and then I heard a dog barking so I went in that direction.  I found a farm and waited until dawn. A woman came out for wood so I approached her and told her. She was excited and went to get her husband. I was fed and given dry socks. Stripped (something) and gave to them and they gave me trousers and beret.

Husband went and got friend and that night he took me to different house, by cycle, where I slept in the woods.  Stayed there for 4 days, Jean barbot, ???, large family. Madam Michel came to house, she spoke little English.  I was given hot food and clothes. Madam Michel is from lesparre. I was taken by cycle to another house, into lesparre. The house was near the Gestapo HQ and I stayed for supper. We went to another house of a Doctor [Pierre Chauvin & Gisele], his wife, 2 or 3 children and mother in law. Wife is a chemist [pharmacist]. The next day papers were made out. Identity Cards.

M. Pierre Dupin from Bordeaux took me by autobus to Bordeaux with Charlotte Michel and 16 year old daughter, Christiane Michel. M Dupin carried dog tags, AB (?) etc. and he then kept them. I was at Bordeaux for 3 or 4 days (having been in France for about 9 days now).

Madam Michel returned to lesparre. She was to come in a few days and take me to Moissac. She did. Doctor with us (?). We showed papers to Gestapo and I had to pretend I was deaf and dumb. In moissac we went to the house of M. Auriac and wife and spent a night there. The next morning went to farm and was there for 10 days. I had several assumed names while there and worked on the farm.

I was then taken by the man from Beaumont to Mimi Dumas’s house. I met (???) women married to French airman (??) in last war [I am not sure about this sentence]. Madame Rigal. Was given clothes and money. She came to hear of resistance. Madam Dumas, connected (?). One day 5 men and head [Marcel Taillandier] came.  Stayed at madam Dumas and at Dr. Rey’s and at Madam Rigal’s. I was in Beaumont for 2.5 weeks. Madam Rigals had Marcel, head of Resistance organization, come to Mimi’s – (perhaps something about asking) Dumas and Rigal as to my departure from Dumas’s house. Dumas talked to much and Marcel and 5 men came in and Rigal told Marcel too much talk.

I was then taken to Toulouse by Marcel and crowd to house of M. E Thoulouse were I stayed for 3.5 months until may 29th, 1944. He has a painting store in the city next to a police station. His house was at 95 blvd Del Tour. I met quite a few resistance members. I also met RFW Cleaver of the RAF. He arrived in late April and came through with me (through spain?).

When Marcel and Jeno returned from Algiers I knew they had guides put on pressure. Every time they got ready to move me out, something happened. With 4 guides, cleaver and 2 and a Frenchman (?) left. With Andres [Fontes] in car to Perpignan. He had police papers. I spent a night in Perpignan and the next morning in truck 8 hours. We hid in a viaduct. The guides worked in pairs. There was a money squabble between guides. At 10pm, we started walking. We were held up by Gestapo maneuvers. We walked during the night and hid out during the day.  We walked for 3 nights crossing the frontier. The guides had a good route and we arrived in Figueres, Spain where we spent 2 nights.

Had written note saying that Marcel and Jeno party had arrived and note given to guide in Figueres he took it to British Counsel. We got to Barcelona June 1st. M. E Thoulouse told me 5 american officers were taken there by the resistance organization a month or so before also. 2 guides left us at Figueres and 2 went with Courier (Louis ‘petit’) to Barcelona to British Counsulate to talk to M. Courtley (?). We were there for 9 days and then went to Madrid with Cleaver and 3 Belgians. Were were in Madrid for 2 nights and I didn’t see any Americans there. I then went to Gibraltar by way of Seville. Colonel Forster turned over to the Brits. Arrived ok on June 17, 1944.